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Incoming freshmen congratulations on your acceptance to the University of Michigan and welcome to the Wolverine family. You should be taking the time now to prepare for next year and as current freshmen we know and understand the stresses and hardships from being a freshman, and the perks, benefits, and the fun that comes out of it too.

Recently one of our peers has created a tumblr, which is a blog in which people can share anything from photos to clips, in dedication to the “freshman problems” we encounter on a weekly basis.  This tumblr strictly posts memes, photos or animations with a punch line or funny quote above or below the photo, about the activities that freshmen participate in, at the University.

The main purpose and the goal of this public service announcement is to have all of the freshmen watching this, walk away with more knowledge about their school and the new life they will have, and to provide you with a source to keep track with everything that may be going on with the current freshmen at the school.

Of the many new aspects that come with freshmen life at the University of Michigan, we decided for this PSA that we would focus on the main basic parts that will most likely affect you the most.  These are Academic life, Dorm life, Sports, Greek life, and the Dinning Hall life.

We have personally chosen specific memes that represent, and teach a lesson or give you an idea of what this aspect of life will be like.  Before we do this we created our own meme to give you an idea of what they will be like. Before we go to the website, we decided to show you a meme we created to help you understand what umichfreshmanprobz is like.  Now to the six aspects we chose.

Academic Life: Freshman year Calc 115 and Econ 101 are courses some a re required to take.  This and other memes are there to remind you that you will be taking difficult classes, so don’t make your schedule too difficult.

Dorm Life: Now that you are accepted you will be signing a housing contract.  If you are dorming, Lloyd and Mojo are the best dorms, and Makrley comes in a distant third.  Our best advice is STAY OFF NORTH CAMPUS.

Sports:  We attend football games religiously here, so you may not feel it now, but watching these games you will have 100 different emotions within 2 hours.  Football season is one o f the best times of the year.

Greek Life: Greek life is a great way to meet new people of all ages; fraternities and sororities go through all four years of your college life so it is something fun to be apart of here at UMICH.

Dinning Hall: drinking and the dining hall foods mainly cause the infamous freshmen 15.  Our advice is to consider portion size and stay away from bread and cookies everyday.

In order to get more feedback and information about the lives of freshmen currently at Michigan we decided to interview some of the students we know to give you more points of view on some of the subjects.


As all of you can see, you each have lot of fun, work, and amazing experiences ahead of you.  From football Saturdays to finals week, you will encounter many different events and experience many different feelings towards them.  We hope our PSA has been able to help you get an idea and help you understand what your upcoming year will be like.

Academic: umichfreshmanprobz.tumbl#133478

Dorm: umichfreshmanprobz.tumbl#133567

Sports: umichfreshmanprobz.tumbl#1334A7

Greek: umichfreshmanprobz.tumbl#13351A

Dinning Hall: umichfreshmanprobz.tumbl#133456



After taking this English 125 course, I was able to gain further understanding of rhetoric. When I first came to this class, and was listening to my classmates give words that relate to rhetoric I was completely lost. I had no idea what it was at all. However, after the different readings, assignments, rhetorical analysis, and especially the final project, I now know what it is. Through this final project I was able to put my new understanding of rhetoric to use.

My group and I were able to work collaboratively and had a really good time working on this project. The purpose of our final project was to educate and inform incoming freshman (who are the target audience) about what to expect in during their freshman year as a student through the use of “memes” and a three minute video. Memes are photos or animations that have a punch line above or below a photo. I believe my project was successful in meeting the target audience. My group and I were able to pick out the most common freshman experiences, and find memes that nearly every freshman on campus can relate to.

In my final project there were several rhetorical strategies we emphasized on to capture the audience’s attention. Since the project was based on experiences faced in the University of Michigan, we decided to use the UofM Fight song in the background throughout the video. This works really well in pumping up the freshmen and getting them excited for a new school year. Also we used humorous pictures, memes, and photos with a lot of colors that would help ease the mood. A lot of multimedia was used in the video such as when I navigate through the web to go to the Tumblr and etc. All in all, I believe all three different forms of rhetorical strategies were well emphasized in the project.

There were several difficulties I faced during the process of this project. I decided to be the main video editor, but when I went to the bursley CLC macs there was no iMovie installed. This made everything harder, and I had to find a free trial movie editor online to create the video in time. Also, I wasn’t familiar with what a meme was until my group members introduced it to me. Therefore, trying to make a project on it and at the same time learning about what it is was much more difficult. If I had to do something differently during this project, I probably would have researched more on memes, and asked around other groups what movie editing software they used.

All in all, I found this project and this course to be a really great experience. I believe the project was made well and will definitely engage its intended audience and others too. Lastly, I am glad I now have a good understanding of rhetoric. This course helped me open my eyes to things are all around me, and helped me view things differently.

Meeting Minutes 12/16/12

Today Alex, Robert, and I made huge progress. In the beginning of class we were given the opportunity to share our videos with Becca and tiffany. They gave us really useful feedback such as putting music in, and zooming into the videos more. 

After Alex and I started to edit the video I started on using a trial version of the program Avid Studio. We were able to get half the video done, but we still need to find a few more pictures and edit bits of the video clip.

All in all we had a really productive session, and is almost done with the project.

Meeting Minutes 11/29

Although I didn’t make it to class for during this day, I was able to make up the work at home.

At home I discussed with my group members, Alex and Robert the future plans of our project. We decided to split the main jobs (but we still helped each other out with the whole process) into three catagories. I was the filmer/video maker, Robert was the script writer, and Alex was the editor of both.

We also decided on how to make the video, what memes to use, and also decided to create out own meme somehow.

Lastly we decided to use the UofM fight song as the background music, because this had to do mainly with UofM students.

Meeting Minutes 12/4/2012

Prior to todays meeting, my group and I already had a rough draft of the skit. Today we worked on revising the skit, and finding all the memes we need for the actual recording of the video.  We also created out own custom meme for the project. 

This was the image used for our custom meme (actual meme will be shown during the presentation)

After creating the meme we started to talk about how we’re going to record the video. I decided to take this as my main job for our group because I have a program called YOUCAM in my computer that can record the computer screen. I also found which video editor to use for the project after talking to you (melanie). Lastly my group and I decided to meet at Alex’s place to finalize the editing of the video this Wednesday. 

Blog #9 : Storyboarding

My storyboard shows a part of the project when we navigate through my laptop. I will use my YOUcam software to record my laptop’s desktop. My group and I decided to look into memes in University of Michigan. My first shot in my storyboard shows the beginning of navigating through Google, and shot two is searching Umich memes in Google. Shot three, shows the first website that shows up which is Umichmemes.comFor the first two shots we decided using exciting music would be the best to use to engage the audience. The third shot, suspenseful music would make the audience even more engaged and even the mood a little humorous. The 4th and 5th shot, shows two examples of University of Michigan Memes. All these shots will have some type of music with a voice narration behind it.

Here are how they actually look






Blog #8: Texting

Hey guys,

I’m writing this on my phone, so I hope it doesn’t come out too strange… Anyways I thought this voice clip really interesting to listen to. I never really thought too deeply on cellphone/texting being a new form of writing, and that it actually increased how much students write nowadays. Anyways, I think this quote answers the first question pretty well, “The cellphone is the new pencil”. I believe texting is a new form of writing, because it’s simply our conventional ways of writing put on a hand held device. For example, handwritten letters, journals, and etc are all just like texting (except its’ on technology). I definitely think texting is a valuable form of writing. It makes it so much more efficient and easier to communicate with people. Handwritten letters might take up to a week, while a text can go as fast as a second. Also acronyms are used greatly in text message that makes conversing even more efficient and more quickly. Ex) lol, brb, np, ty, ttl, hby

Although I agree that texting is considered a form of writing, I’m not an advocate of texting being an academic form of writing. I think texting works only as a form of mere communication writing. How many people would actually say “I’m going to text my whole essay out” when they have a pen and paper, or even a laptop? I think it’s really inefficient and even difficult to make texting a academic form of writing.

The different forms and visual arrangements that exists on mobile tech’s are abundant. There are different types of smiley faces, emoticons, acronyms, video texts, picture texts, and etc. These can definitely revolutionize writing. But as of now, I believe writing is not an academic form of writing.


* I wrote this on my phone, but I had to retype this up because wordpress was too glitchy on my phone 😦

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